Who is SAVI?

Behind the SAVI (salvage-antique-vintage-industrial) scenes stands a team of two. It’s rare that you’ll find them sat down – except for when you see them in their van on their way to deliver your fabulous furniture of course!

Since meeting, Lauren and Dean just gelled and immediately and found they shared a whacky sense of humour, competitiveness, similar interests and outlook on life and what’s important. Of course there have been ups and downs because, hey, that’s life – and that’s what makes it all the better.


Lauren is a creative, practical and determined woman. Her 3D background led her to explore a career in teaching, but Art, Design Tech and even Home Ec left her with a creative void. Education it would seem was not her bag. She turned her hand to house flipping and decorating. Self employment was very exciting!


Dean is the life and sole of the party with a mind that somehow moves faster than his mouth. A 2D designer who found himself forced to adapt to a climate created in recession. Creativity squashed under the weight of property maintenance management, it was time for change. A few years served in the Sheffield engineering sector found him making all sorts of contacts with lighting in high places!

In finding each other, Lauren and Dean ignited a drive to invent their own path and generate a career on their terms. This path has lead to all sorts of adventures; from getting to see some amazing places in the UK to finding some very rare objects along the way. SAVI treasure comes from the salvage of antique vintage industrial items, all of which the team sees a future for.


The SAVI team get to meet some fascinating people with wonderful backgrounds and stories, work places and homes. It is a privilege to be able to meet such a huge variety of people from all walks of life.


Found each other!

Don’t get mad but…

It was an accident. No magical fairy of fait came floating by. Dean bought a load of stuff on an auction by accident. classic.

This information quickly needed to be shared with his partner lauren.

“Don’t get mad but…”

Panic driven they prevailed. Kick starting their salvage based endeavour they clouted their collection of industrial clutter into shape and turned a profit.

Happy and surprised they both reveled in the potential that revealed itself.

They began to discover new skills that were lurking within themselves. Previous projects had them discover their similarities in ‘tast’ and so was born, THE EYE.

Having the eye to spot potentical in objects destined for landfill plays a huge part in this business. Collecting all mannor of bits and bats, the two have established a unique repitoir.

A personal spin is impotant to the savi team. They love their work and they want you to love it too. So ensuring solid communication and good old fashioned honesty is always at the top of the agenda. “Every customer wants to see exactly what they are buying, very clearly and truthfully. Everyone wants to have a great experience when they buy anything and to be fair, so do we when we sell to our customers. Otherwise where’s the fun? We have met some really fantastic people along the way from all walks of life. People are endlessly fascinating. For us it is so pleasing to be able to be able to sell them an object that we can explain the history of and give them part of the story that makes that object special. History is important to everyone and everything”

4 years on and the eye has refined, the creativity has been unleased and the forward thinking is endless. This successful business speaks volumes about the positive and inventive mindset of its creators.