Antique Factory Clocking In Clock Machine

Antique Factory Clocking In Clock Machine.

This stunning antique clocking in machine was reclaimed from a shop in Sheffield. The case is made from hardwood with brass details, which with some effort could be made to look as new.

The mechanism works perfectly and keeps good time. All you need to do is wind up both of the coils with the key provided and you have a working clock for around 10 days. The original clocking in mechanism also still operates but the ribbon is a little dry and so won’t make a great print.

This particular machine was manufactured by The National Time Recorder Co Ltd and we think is from the 1920’s. Most machines of this age do not work so its a rare find to have one that runs for so long, even though it probably could do with a service. The machine will make a great clock for any room in your home.

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