About Us

We’ve always been practical. Having both come from design backgrounds, we created Savi from our love of finding and restoring materials, and having a vision for how to bring out the story and the beauty in these fascinating pieces.

You’ll see this passion in everything we do. We look for things we love and we’re drawn to pieces that show their proud history, with materials that are true to themselves. That’s the Yorkshire in us!

We started salvaging vintage industrial light fixtures from steel and engineering works – and you’ll still see that love of beautiful renovated lighting among our products today. Our search for lights to restore then brought us to other unique and interesting furniture and materials that we knew we could make into something special and worthy of their own story.

We find our pieces through the connections we’ve made along the way. We love talking to people and finding out the history of places and pieces – it makes our work more meaningful. It’s a privilege to be able to hear people’s stories and hopefully bring them to life through our work.

We also ensure there’s an environmental focus to everything we do. We’re proud to live and work in such a beautiful area and we understand our part in being conscious of our surrounding environment. That’s why we do a lot of our restoration work by hand rather than through machines, and why our workshop is heated by the scraps of the projects we’re working on and powered by solar panels.

We love what we do and how we’re able to do it, with the support of our community and the people we’ve met along the way. Their story is our story and it runs through everything Savi is about.

Lauren & Dean.