4. A Bigger Picture.

We now specialise in huge rustic boardroom tables, office desks of various size, rustic dining table and benches and shelving units.  Popular amongst home and business owners these products are making an appearance across the nation. With ranges that suit both interior and exterior environments.

Our customers include schools, offices , shops, bars, restaurants, cafe’s, hairdressers, deli’s, co-working spaces, private houses, campsites, gin festivals. We have delivered from Huddersfield to Scourie, St Agnes,  Dover and everywhere in between!

We can work to your dimensions and deadlines to create bespoke spaces. If  you need to incorporate existing products such as kitchen units and table legs we can work with you. The aim is always to create something that really works for our customer.

Crossley Boardroom Table Meeting Room Conference The Clark Industrial Boardroom Table. Meeting Room Restaurant Tube Table Crossley Boardroom Table Meeting Room Conference

3. Rustic Scaffold Boards!

The essence of Savi lies in crafting practical, versatile, and durable products from rustic scaffold boards that have fulfilled their original purpose and are often overlooked. Typically made from European Whitewood, these boards offer a lightweight yet robust material for our creations, allowing us to fashion larger products without the need for heavy machinery.

Each scaffold board arrives with screws, saw marks, holes, plaster, rot, muck, staples, and imperfections. It takes a discerning eye and dedicated effort to extract the best from them. Through scraping, sanding, de-nailing, and cleaning by hand, we breathe new life into these discarded boards. The unique characteristics of each board contribute to the distinctive individuality of Savi’s creations and give you a fabulous rustic dining table!

Lauren shares, “We cherish them, finding beauty in their imperfections. We even have favorites among them. There’s a sense of wonder in uncovering their history; the footprints, saw marks, screws, paint, and rust, combined with the natural patterns of the knots, each telling a story of its own.”

Boardroom Industrial Table Meeting Room Restaurant with Insert Industrial Scaffold Dining Boardroom Meeting Room Table Black Industrial Reclaimed Scaffold Board Table Coffee Shop Restaurant Bar Steel Legs


2. Don’t get mad but…

It was an accident. Dean bought a load of stuff on an auction by accident.

“Don’t get mad but…it was an accident”

Panic driven they prevailed and kick started their salvage hunting to build a collection of industrial clutter which they kicked into shape and turned a profit on. Happy and surprised they both revelled in the potential that revealed itself and the collection steadily got larger. They started in Deans Mum’s shed and now have 7,000 sq ft and 2 businesses.

A personal spin is important to the Savi team. They love their work and they want you to love it too. Ensuring solid communication and good old fashioned honesty is always at the top of the agenda. Dean says “every customer wants to see exactly what they are buying, very clearly and truthfully. Everyone wants to have a great experience when they buy anything and to be fair, so do we when we sell to our customers. Otherwise where’s the fun? We have met some really fantastic people along the way from all walks of life. People are endlessly fascinating. For us it is so pleasing to be able to be able to sell them an object that we can explain the history of and give them part of the story that makes that object special. History is important to everyone and everything.”







1. SAVI?

Salvage Antique Vintage Industrial

Behind the SAVI scenes stands a team of two. 

Lauren and Dean. Since meeting They have gelled in terms of getting on, sense of humour, competitiveness, interests, outlook on life and what’s important.

Lauren. A handy, headstrong house flipper who formerly explored a career in teaching. But Art, Design, IT even Home Ec left her with a creative void. Education it would seem was not her bag. Self employment called and she found she loved decorating and was excellent at it.

Dean- life and sole of the party with a mind that somehow moves faster than his mouth. a 2D designer who found himself forced to adapt to a climate created in recession. Creativity squashed under the wight of property maintenance management, it was time for change.

In finding each other they ignited a drive to invent their own path and generate a career on their terms. At this point a rustic dining table was not what we were making.