Bench Seating with Trapezium Legs.

Scaffold Furniture with Uk Steel Legs

Crafted in Yorkshire, our Trapezium bench seating combines reclaimed scaffold boards with top-quality steel for a distinctive touch. Each bench undergoes meticulous crafting, starting with the careful selection of hand-picked, dry, used scaffold boards. We ensure each board undergoes thorough sanding using professional equipment and is then treated with a clear wax finish, enhancing durability and achieving a polished appearance. The boards have a lot of great character and give that modern, industrial, rustic style to your room.
We construct the steel legs using top-quality box section steel, distinguishing our benches from those typically made with cheaper flat bar steel. The box section steel gives the table more stability and also look and feels great. We finish the steel with a clear lacquer, ensuring durability and a sleek appearance. Additionally, we add soft pads to protect your flooring from any potential damage.
These benches are delivered fully assembled for your convenience. Please ensure careful measurement to ensure they can navigate around corners and reach their final placement smoothly. We deliver all of our furniture personally and will contact you nearer delivery day to arrange the specifics.
Please feel free to ask any questions. We offer bulk discounts and all orders are inclusive of VAT.


  • rustic bench seating
  • trapezium legs powder coated clear as standard
  • arrives assembled
  • option to powder coat these benches in nearly any color of your choice. Contact us for inquiries and customization options.

£185.00£295.00 inc VAT