5ft Shelves with Dark Steel Tube

Reclaimed Scaffold Board Bookshelves with Raw Dark Steel.

We designed our industrial scaffold board bookshelves from top-quality 1” raw natural steel tube and reclaimed scaffolding planks. The dark grey metal arrives with an anti-rust coating applied. We do clean as much of this coating off as possible some traces may remain and can be removed with a dry cloth. In moisture rich areas you can use furniture polish or wax to coat the legs and prevent any future rust from occurring. When combined with our reclaimed scaffold boards these make a great shelving unit.

Our industrial shelves are meticulously crafted using reclaimed scaffolding planks which deliver unmatched durability and character. We love the fact that the shelves are very strong and aesthetically pleasing. In addition you are able to place the shelves at whatever height you desire making them especially versatile. Savi have supplied this style of rustic shelf to beauticians, food shops, offices, lawyers, showrooms, and many homes. We treat each board with a coat of wax to seal it and each shelf is 5 feet wide (152cm).

The pre-drilled shelves are very easy to install. Each shelf has two collars beneath and two collars above to keep it in place. You can adjust the height of the shelves to suit your space or to fit multiple units together or into corners. Every wall is different and will cannot foresee what type of plug you will need to use and as a result we don’t supply fixings.

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  • dark raw steel tube and fittings
  • 5ft wide (152cm)
  • rustic hand finished scaffold boards
  • comes flat packed and is quick and easy to assemble
  • attaches to the wall at the top
  • wall plugs not included – the type you use will depend upon your wall

£240.00£570.00 inc VAT