Industrial Vintage Steel Cabinet

Filing Cabinet with Double Doors. Heavy Steel Storage Cupboard.

A vintage industrial filing cabinet is a timeless piece of furniture that combines the charm of yesteryears with the rugged functionality of industrial design.

This vintage industrial cupboard is a durable and versatile piece of furniture characterised by its fantastic patina, functional design, and historical charm. It adds a touch of nostalgia and industrial flair to your interior space, making it a sought-after choice for those who appreciate both form and function in their furnishings.

Internally this unit has sixteen pigeon holes to house document wallets or ring binders. The two turning handles are just lovely to use and are such a strong design feature. There is a lock but unfortunately no key; a locksmith would easily be able to change the barrel and provide a key. A great piece of office furniture.

A very heavy piece which will be delivered to your premises door. It will take a couple of people to get into place and moving trolleys would be useful.

Size: Height 183cm, Width 71cm, Depth 46cm

£495.00 inc VAT

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