Industrial Rustic Scaffold Board Dining Table

Rustic Scaffold Board Dining Table for Sale

Presenting our standard dining table, meticulously crafted with top-quality 1” steel tube and reclaimed scaffolding planks to deliver unmatched durability and character. You can choose either our 3 plank table (width 66cm) or our 4 plank table (width 88cm).
The galvanised tube has a bright silver colour that will dull over time. If you want to keep it shiny you can polish it like you would any piece of furniture. The galvanised tube used in our products ensures rust resistance, for that reason it is perfect for areas prone to moisture like those requiring frequent mopping.
The dark grey finish is raw steel which arrives with an anti rust coating applied. Although we clean as much of this coating off as possible but some traces may remain and can be rubbed off with a cloth. You can use furniture polish or wax to the legs to prevent any rust from occurring.
Basically, we actively source end-of-life scaffold boards, meticulously selecting the best ones and carefully working them we achieve our signature sanded edges and smooth finish. We love to see the grain and marks from their hard working life and find this adds to the rustic aesthetic.
The planks are hand sanded and then coated with a clear wax which affords some level of protection. As with any waxed surface hot crockery will melt the wax and can potentially leave marks. Some customers love this and furthermore say it adds to the industrial feel of the boards. The more you use the tables the smoother the wood gets. When cleaning your furniture do not use harsh chemicals; a damp soft cloth should remove most dirt.
The table comes flat packed and is very easy to assemble. You simply slot the tube in place and tighten with the hex key provided.


  • rustic dining table
  • tube legs available in two options
  • comes flat packed and is quick and easy to assemble
  • a versatile standard table

£349.00£529.00 inc VAT